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TABITTO Travel Kagoshima

Private Virtual Tour 👘Explore the city of the Last Samurai

Private Virtual Tour 👘Explore the city of the Last Samurai

Learn the history of the Last Samurai era on Jinrikisha in Ooshima Tsumugi at the Kagoshima city


  • The tour guide in a kimono of Ooshima Tsumugi, Japanese Traditional silk pongee takes you to explore Kagoshima, the city of the Last Samurai.
  • Enjoy the live Kagoshima scenery from a Jinrikisha – a human-powered vehicle that was used in the Last Samurai Learn the history of the Last Samurai era.
  • Learn the history of the Meiji Restoration and Japanese modernization

Satsuma- currently Kagoshima is located in the most southern part of Japan mainland. It has been one of the main ports for trading with other countries and has interesting histories. Let us through back to the restoration era (1870’s) in the dress and the vehicle of the era and explore the city of the Last Samurai!


1 hour

Meeting Point:
by Zoom with your device

Attendee Requirement:
Minimum 2 to Maximum 30 accounts/devices

– English speaking online guide
– Kagoshima souvenir (tea bags 3gx3) after the tour
– Postage charge (normal)

Not included:
– Real guide
– Telecom charge which occurs at your side


In your device’s screen, the tour will start with your guide, Miki at the Ooshima Tsumugi shop. She will give you some information about the city. You will also learn what Ooshima Tsumugi, silk pongee and how special it is.

After seeing Ooshima Tsumugi, you will go out with the guide to get on Jinrikisha for the tour under the sun! It is a real virtual tour! Your Jinrikisha driver takes you to the city and head to Kotsukigawa river, where has historical sites along. After getting to “Kagoshima History Road” along Kotsukigawa river, Miki will share some history about Meiji Restoration and the Last Samurai era.

If you are lucky enough, you will finish the tour with the beautiful view of Sakurajima, the active volcano in the city from the bridge.


The Price is per person.

Book before
One month (negotiable)

– Cancellation policy: 100% refundable before one day. Not refundable for cancellation on the day or no-show

– With a ticket, you can join the tour with your family and friends by your device (one device only).

– If the tour is cancelled due to bad weather conditions, a notice will be sent by email before 6 PM (JST) 1 day prior to the tour. The guests will be able to reschedule/choose the alternative day or the tour fee paid will be fully refunded.

– Please download Zoom in advance.

– If any system problem occurs at our side, we will refund 100% of the ticket price.

– We will not guarantee that any system problem occurs at your side. Please check your internet connection environment before the tour. 

– The time is Japan Standard Time (GMT +9:00). To check the time zone difference between your country and Japan, you may refer to this time zone converter.

– Due to the COVID situation, it will take a longer time to ship the souvenir than normal. Some countries won’t allow importing Japanese tea. Please check with your country’s customs. We would be able to change it to other tea-related items. Please send an inquiry.

– If you want a REAL tour at the site, please CLICK HERE

– We can arrange a private tour for you. Please let us know your request!

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