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We are a licensed tour operator in Japan conscious about sustainable tourism.
If you want a stress-free trip or simply a unique trip in Kagoshima, contact us! We will create a Bespoke Itinerary for you, tailormade to your needs as per your request.

Make your stay in Kagoshima a memorable one with TABITTO!

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TABITTO Travel Kagoshima

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Kagoshima?

It is the southernmost prefecture of the Kyushu Island of Japan. It comprises many islands, like Yakushima, Amami-Oshima etc... With a dominant place in the history of Japan, Kagoshima is surrounded by nature and offers a unique dining culture which is defined by some of the best ingredients - grown and bred locally.

How to get to Kagoshima?

From Tokyo, you can take a flight, which takes around 2hours. If you are in Osaka and have a JR pass, take the Shinkansen. Although it takes around 4hours it is a convenient trip. It is also 90mins from Fukuoka by Shinkansen. To go to the islands in Kagoshima, i.e. Yakushima, Amami-Oshima, there are ferries departing from Kagoshima apart from direct flights from Tokyo to some of them.

What can you do in Kagoshima?

Kagoshima is bursting with nature. It is a paradise for lovers of outdoor activity - Kayaking along an active volcano Sakurajima, Hiking inside a national park, Biking along a coast etc.

It also happens to be a food capital - with some of the best ingredients being farmed and produced here - for e.g. it is the largest producer of Japanese Tea within Japan. Fermentation is at the front and centre - with Kagoshima being the heartland of Japanese Shochu, the hidden gem of Japan. In addition, some famous Whisky producers such as Mars Tsunuki and Kanosuke craft their spirits here!

Or in case you fancy stayng at a modern styled, newly built Japanese house, complete with a rotenburo - based on a Japanese Samurai residence - we have you covered!

This is just the tip of the iceberg - there is lot more you can do - simply get in touch with us.

What does TABITTO do within the context of Sustainable Tourism?

We love our local society and nature. We would like to keep our society and nature in a good condition for generations to come, We work together with local suppliers and green concious partners to bring you our experiences. Some of our team members have completed GSTC sustainable tourism course to learn how we can implement global standards in sustainable tourism within our community here in Kagoshima.

How to book your experience with TABITTO?

Simply find the experiences and book on this website. We will co-ordinate the date after we receive your request. Or if you don't find any experience that suits you, or you would like to arrange a special trip, please send an inquiry or fill up the "Bespoke Tour Form".

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