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Private Kitchen of Kagoshima Butcher

Private Kitchen of Kagoshima Butcher

Main Course

Visit the private kitchen "Kichizaemon" which is run by the local and old butcher "Iwamoto" in Kagoshima city. 


  • Experience the quality of IWAMOTO meat products over dinner in a simple and casual setting private kitchen in the heart of Kagoshima city.

  • The main dishes only use Kagoshima Kuroge Wagyu (Black Haired Wagyu Beef) and Kagoshima Kuro Buta (Black Haired Pork).

Private Kitchen KICHIZAEMON (吉佐衛門) is a part of the IWAMOTO Meat Shop (岩元精肉店), which was originally established in 1922. Since then, the IWAMOTO group has been supplying premium quality meat products based on very strict selection criteria. They celebrated their 100 years anniversary in 2022.

IWAMOTO continues to supply quality meat products to various hotels, supermarkets and restaurants in Kagoshima. The chef at KICHIZAEMON is also the third-generation owner of IWAMOTO. Being passionate about the quality of the meat they select and supply, he started this kitchen to showcase and share the quality of the ingredients themselves.

The location is easy to find if you stay in Kagoshima city. It is located on the ground level. Enter the kitchen which has the signage "吉佐衛門". Isn't it like a treasure hunt matching the sign if you don't read Japanese characters?! The friendly chef will welcome you. Enjoy your meal! 


Chef's Omakase A, 16,000yen
Chef's Omakase B, 14,000yen
Chef's Omakase C, 11,000yen
Chef's Omakase Deluxe, 18,000yen

Starting timing is flexible between 6 to 8 pm.

Meeting Point:

Attendee Requirement:
Minimum 2 to Maximum 10

- Kagoshima Special Meat Dinner (Appetizer, Main Course, Dessert)

Not included:
- Guide
- Drinks
 * You can order drinks at the site
 * You may also choose to bring your own drinks. No corkage charge
- Personal Expense


Chef's Omakase A (2 main courses)
Tenderloin Steak
Sukiyaki OR Shabu shabu

Chef's Omakase B (2 main courses)
Sirloin Steak
Sukiyaki OR Shabu shabu

Chef's Omakase C (choose 1 main course)
Chuck Stake OR Sukiyaki OR Shabu shabu

Chef's Omakase Deluxe (3 main courses)
Tenderloin Steak, Sukiyaki and Shabu shabu

All courses come with two appetizers, dessert & tea.  


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One week (negotiable)

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