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TABITTO Travel Kagoshima

E-bike ride to the no-Entry zone at active volcano, Sakurajima!

E-bike ride to the no-Entry zone at active volcano, Sakurajima!

Hill climb to the crater of Sakurajima, Kagoshima’s landmark, by E-bike! What will you discover in the no-entry zone that can only be visited with a guide, offering unparalleled views of Japan’s premier active volcano?


  • Climb up the hill to the crater of Sakurajima by E-bike
  • Enjoy the view from no-entry zone with our licensed guide.

Kagoshima city, located at the southern tip of Japan, is home to the active volcano Sakurajima, which continues to be lively to this day. About 4 km away lies a city with a population of around 600,000 people. This is a globally rare region where an active volcano and a city coexist.
The area within 2 km from the crater is normally off-limits, but on this tour, you will safely approach the crater with a guide who has special permission, climbing up the Nojiri River using disaster prevention techniques.

This unique experience allows you to witness the wild and fierce form of Sakurajima up close, feel the liveliness of the volcano and the Earth, and learn about the coexistence of nature and humans near a volcano that erupts on a regular basis. 


25,000yen / person
* Applicable over 144㎝ tall. The price is the same for children. Please consult for other cases.


4.5 hours
Meet at 9:00 AM 
Ends at 1:30 PM 

Meeting Point:
at Sakurajimako Ferry Terminal, Sakurajima exit

Attendee Requirement:
Minimum 1 to Maximum 4 persons 

– English-speaking guide
– Insurance
– Snacks(Kagoshima green tea and sweets)
– E-bike, helmet, and side bag.

Not included:
– Sportswear
– Drink
– Lunch



Meet your guide at the Sakurajima Ferry Terminal on Sakurajima side.
Please check the course as below ; 
Sakurajima Ferry Terminal
→ In front of the Sakurajima SABO Center
→ Nojiri River(experience the scale of the sediment spewed by Sakurajima)
→ Nojiri River Sediment Control No. 8 (2 km from the crater)
→ Sakurajima Ferry Terminal



Book before
One week (negotiable)

In case of bad weather, the decision to cancel will be made by the morning of the day before the experience, and a cancellation notice will be sent (a refund will be issued in case of cancellation due to bad weather).
E-bikes are comfortable to use for individuals 144cm in height and above, please consult for other cases.
Participants must be able to ride a bicycle.
(Activity Level) Distance: About 8 Km one-way (16 Km round trip) 
Elevation difference between start and destination: 360m
*Physical ability to hill climb by E-bike on a volcano is required.

Items to Prepare:
– Seasonally appropriate cycling wear. *Pants with narrow hems are recommended to prevent them from getting caught in the bike.
– Drink (there is a bottle holder that can accommodate about 500ml)
– Identification (for rental or in case of an emergency, insurance card is preferable)

Depending on the situation:
– Windbreaker (for sudden rain and wind, and as the elevation changes, temperature drops by 2.5°C for 360m elevation gain)
– Non-slip gloves (also for cold protection)
– Sunglasses (for glare during the day + protection from volcanic ash)
– Small backpack (for carrying valuables, can be attached to the bicycle)

Consent Required for Tour Participation:
Participants must acknowledge the following:
Understand that this tour and its activities take place in nature and involve risks.
The route may change depending on the weather and the condition of participants.
Follow the guide's instructions. Please refrain from actions that would cause inconvenience to other participants.
If you have any pre-existing conditions, please notify us in advance.

*If you feel unwell during the tour, please inform us immediately.
Be aware that there are places without nearby hospitals and where ambulances cannot reach.
Manage your valuables on our own (rental side bags that can be attached to the bicycle are available).
In the event of an injury, we will respond within the scope of the injury insurance coverage
(Coverage details: Death/Disability ¥10,000,000, Hospitalization ¥5,000/day, Outpatient ¥3,000/day).

Please understand that if you lose or damage borrowed items due to negligence, you may be billed at a later date.

Please check our cancellation policy.

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