Miso Making Experience
Miso Making Experience
Miso Making Experience
Miso Making Experience
Miso Making Experience

Miso Making Experience

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Learn about the process of Miso and Sho-yu at the factory. Make 2kg of Mugi-miso for yourself.


  • Meet the old local miso maker who started making local miso in 1927.

  • Learn their new approach to Japanese seasonings. Not only traditional but innovative, too!

You might think that all Miso is the same but there are indeed many varieties of Miso in Japan. The variety of Miso depends on the specific area where it is produced.
Kagoshima's Miso tends to have sweetness and is full of aroma.
The most common one is Mugi-miso (麦味噌), made from barley and soya bean.
Sakura Kaneyo, the miso maker located in Ichiki Kushikino-shi, Kagoshima has been producing Miso and Sho-yu (Soya sauce) since 1927. 
Learn Kagoshima's Miso and fermentation culture!


Start at 10am- / 2pm-

Meeting Point:
Sakura Kaneyo (MAP)
※You may drive to get to the venue or take JR to get to Ichiki Station. If you need transportation arrangements, please let us know.

Attendee Requirement:
Minimum 2 to Maximum 6

- English-speaking guide
- 2kg of Miso

Not included:
- Personal Expense


Meet your English-speaking guide at the site or the station. Visit the factory and meet the craftsman. The craftsman will explain how local miso and Soya sauce are processed in the factory. After learning it, the craftsman will teach you how to make your own miso. It will take 1-2 months for fermentation to the final product. Take it and grow it in your country.


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