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Kagoshima Hotel Association

Kagoshima Fish Market Tour / かごしま魚市場ツアー

Kagoshima Fish Market Tour / かごしま魚市場ツアー

Optional Tour

Wake up early and join the fish market tour in Kagoshima!


  • Walk inside the fish market with your guide and feel the dynamics of the auction.  

  • The site has the auction site and wholesale market next to each other. If you are lucky, you may see the wholesalers cutting big tuna fish.

  • After the tour, enjoy your fresh fish breakfast at the market area.  ※ The breakfast cost is not included in the tour price.

This fish market tour had been conducted by Kagoshima Hotel Association for 10 years but it had to close due to covid... Now it is time to resume!! The market has been newly renovated and now it's more clean and efficient. How efficient? You can visit and find it. If you joined the tour before covid, you may compare how it changed. The tour is newly revised and refined. It is limited. Book your spot now!

※Available on Thursdays. Need to book one month earlier. Please choose the date one month ahead. The tours are confirmed to be executed on 30th November and a few seats are available. This is the last tour of this year. The tour will be resumed from next April. 


  • 通常は入ることのできない魚市場へ入ると、鹿児島県内外から水揚げされた様々な種類の魚、そして競り場には威勢のいいセリ人の声やすずの音、魚を競落とす買受人の真剣な眼差し、そして職人のマグロ解体など…市場の活気を体感することができます。
  • ガイドの後は、市場内の食堂で新鮮なお魚の朝食も…!(※朝食代はツアー料金に含まれません)

かごしま魚市場ツアーは、2011年4月、九州新幹線全線開業のタイミングで鹿児島県ホテル旅館組合 青年部より構成された実行委員会により10年催行されたツアーです。コロナ禍、改装された市場はきれいで機能的になりました。入場制限のため少人数ツアーです。お申し込みはお早めに!


Details 詳細

Price ツアー料金:
5,500 yen 
※2,750 yen for under 5 years old
※Option for with Kinko Bay Cruise; 14,000 yen

※2,750円 (5歳以下)
オプション 錦江湾クルーズ付き; 14,000円

If you are staying at the hotel below, you will have 1,000 yen discount. Please input "hotels” when you settle the payment and show your booking details on the site.
Hotel & Residence Nanshukan / Hotel New Nishino / Business Hotel Tenmonkan / Green Guest House / Sakurajima Seaside Hotel / Aqua Garden Hotel Fukumaru / Hotel Kamoike Plaza



Duration ツアー時間:
1hr / Gathering time 6:15
1時間 / 集合時間 6:15

Please wear/ bring socks. You will wear rain boots at the market.

Meeting Point 集合場所:
Kagoshima city Central Fish Market

Attendee Requirement 催行人数:
Minimum 2 to Maximum 6

Includes 含まれるもの:
- Fish market local guide お魚市場ガイド
- English-speaking Guide 通訳(英語)

Not included 含まれないもの:
- Breakfast 朝食
- Personal Expense 個人的な購入品

Itinerary 行程

6:15am  Meet the guides at the gate of the market 市場に集合

6:30am  The tour starts! ツアースタート!

7:30am  Finish the tour ツアー終了

After the tour >> Fish Market Breakfast 美味しい朝食

After breakfast, you can enjoy Kinko Bay Cruise! Please choose the option.


Note 注意事項

Book before 申込期限
One month before

Please check our cancellation policy. << キャンセルポリシー(英語)

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