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TABITTO Travel Kagoshima

Japanese architecture ; Goemon Buro at modern guest house

Japanese architecture ; Goemon Buro at modern guest house

Learn Japanese architecture during your stay in Kagoshima


  • The host will explain the philosophy and work of their architecture.

  • After you learned them, enjoy your special experience of Goemon Buro at their guest house. Special lunch will be served.

When you go to Japan, you may want to find out/ learn how locals live in the house. Japanese houses are built functional and practical.
The material and design suit the climate of the region.
The host will welcome you at their guest house with Goemon Buro(五右衛門風呂), a Japanese old-style bathtub. Let's chill at their beautiful guest house and learn their architectural philosophy. If you are interested in Japanese architecture, you must book!


Starting timing is flexible.

Meeting Point:
Vega House (MAP)
※You may drive to get to the venue. If you need transportation arrangements, please let us know.

Attendee Requirement:
Minimum 2 to Maximum 4

- English-speaking Guide
- Site tour by the architecture
- Short stay at the modern guest house
- Special Kagoshima Lunch

Not included:
- Personal Expense


Meet the architect at the site and he will explain their architectural philosophy. The lunch will be served at their modern guest house and enjoy your short stay. Experience Goemon Buro and refresh yourself!


Book before
One week (negotiable)
*There might be some restrictions due to COVID. Check with us about the availability before you book it.

Please check our cancellation policy.

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