Service Fees for Arranging Tours

Service Fees for arranging tours




Service Fee

Arrangement of accommodation / transportation

Maximum of 30% of total tour cost


Service Fee
for any amendments


Amendment of accommodation / transportation

Maximum of 30%of the cost with the subject charge


Any urgent communication (other than for amendments or cancellation) with any hotels, transportation company or other entities at the request of the tourists.

2,400 yen per transaction

(Excl. phone charge)

 Tour Guide

 (Excl.  actual cost of accommodation and transportation fee for the guide)

43,200 yen per day

(8hrs/ one guide)

Note: 1 “Group Arranged Tour” is a tour in which tourists in a group travel on the same schedule.

2 The above fee of amendment and cancelation doesn’t include any fee which the transportation/ accommodation companies may charge.

3 Each accommodation reservation or cancellation during the tour will be considered as a separate transaction.

4 Each fee above includes consumption tax (10%)